A New Home

By July 18, 2018Day 2 Day

About a year ago I decided to make plans for moving my web presence away from Blogger onto a different platform.  The benefits of Blogger were great, but I wanted more control over the types of content I wanted to deliver. Today marks the biggest step in doing this as I have the framework built and begin to give it substance. 

One thing I did not want to do was migrate over all the old posts, but rather reconfigure all the old information into a new content structure.  As an example many old posts will have their content divided up between galleries and other pages.  Also added is a for sale section which will, from time to time, feature figures I have painted specifically for sale or figures from my own collection that I want to move to a new home.

I hadn’t posted anything new on Blogger over the past year as I knew I’d be moving content.

Thanks for visiting my new home on the web!